Will A Ticket Put Points On My License?

If you’re convicted of one of the offenses identified in the table below with a “Yes” for Driver Responsibility Points, you’ll get two points on your license.

Three points are assessed for a conviction that resulted in a crash.

The points remain on your driver record for three years from the date of conviction.

If you collect six or more points on your driver record you are assessed a surcharge for every year you maintain six or more points.

You’ll pay $100 for the first six points on a driver record and $25 for each additional point after six.

Offense ChargedDriver
Aggravated assault with motor vehicleYes
Allow passenger to stand/sit improperly on a school busYes
Bus driver failed to activate warning signal/equipmentYes
Bus failed to stop at RR crossingYes
Bus shifting gears while crossing RR tracksYes
Carry motorcycle passenger under 5; except in side carYes
Changed lane when unsafeYes
Child passenger safety seat offenseYes
Coasting (truck, truck tractor or bus, specify) with clutch disengagedYes
Consume alcohol while drivingYes
Criminal negligent homicide with motor vehicle--1st or 2nd degreeYes
Crossed RR with heavy equipment without noticeYes
Crossed RR with heavy equipment without stop (or safety)Yes
Crossing fire hose without permissionYes
Crossing physical barrierYes
Cut across driveway to make turnYes
Cut corner left turnYes
Cut in after passingYes
Did not use designated lane or directionYes
Disregard solid green turn signal arrowYes
Disregard warning signs or barricadesYes
Disregarded flashing red signal (at stop sign, etc.)Yes
Disregarded flashing yellow signalYes
Disregarded lane control signalYes
Disregarded no lane change signYes
Disregarded no passing zoneYes
Disregarded police officerYes
Disregarded RR crossing gate or flagmanYes
Disregarded signal at RR crossingYes
Disregarded traffic control deviceYes
Disregarded turn marks at intersectionYes
Disregarded warning sign at constructionYes
Drive into block where fire engine stoppedYes
Driving around barricadesYes
Driving under influenceNo
Driving under influence (DUI)--minorYes
Driving under influence of drugsNo
Driving while impairedNo
Driving while intoxicated with BAC of 0.15 or moreYes
Driving while intoxicated > 0.16No
Driving while intoxicated with child younger than 15 yoaNo
Driving while intoxicated--felonyNo
Driving while intoxicated--juvenileNo
Driving while intoxicated--misdemeanorNo
Driving while intoxicated--on beachNo
Driving while intoxicated--probatedNo
Driving while intoxicated--under 21No
Driving while license disqualified--CMVNo
Driving while license suspended under provisions of DL lawsNo
Driving while license suspended--SRNo
Drove center lane (not passing, not turning left)Yes
Drove on (or across) streetcar tracks where prohibitedYes
Drove on sidewalkYes
Drove on wrong side--RR crossingYes
Drove on wrong side of approaching bridgeYes
Drove on wrong side of divided highwayYes
Drove on wrong side of roadYes
Drove on wrong side road approaching intersectionYes
Drove on wrong side road approaching RR grade crossingYes
Drove on wrong side road awaiting access to ferryYes
Drove onto (or from) controlled access highway where prohibitedYes
Drove through safety zoneYes
Drove to left of rotary traffic islandYes
Drove without lights--when requiredYes
Drove wrong way in designated laneYes
Drove wrong way on one-way roadwayYes
Endorsement violation CDLNo
Fail stop proper place-flash red signalYes
Fail to control speedYes
Fail to dim headlights--followingYes
Fail to dim headlights--meetingYes
Fail to drive in single laneYes
Fail to give hand signals when requiredYes
Fail to give info/render aidNo
Fail to give one-half of roadwayYes
Fail to keep to right on mountain roadYes
Fail to pass left safelyYes
Fail to pass met vehicle to rightYes
Fail to pass to right safelyYes
Fail to signal for stopYes
Fail to signal required distance before turningYes
Fail to signal turnYes
Fail to signal with turn indicatorYes
Fail to sound horn--mountain roadYes
Fail to stop--designated point--at stop signYes
Fail to stop--designated point--at yield signYes
Fail to stop and render aid--felonyNo
Fail to stop and render aid--misdemeanorNo
Fail to stop at marked RR crossingYes
Fail to stop at proper place (at traffic light)Yes
Fail to stop at proper place (flashing red signal)Yes
Fail to stop at proper place (not at intersection)Yes
Fail to stop for approaching trainYes
Fail to stop for school bus (or remain stopped, specify)Yes
Fail to stop for streetcar--or stop at wrong locationYes
Fail to stop--emerging from alley, driveway or bldg.Yes
Fail to use due care for pedestrianYes
Fail to use proper headlight beamYes
Fail to yield at stop intersectionYes
Fail to yield at yield intersectionYes
Fail to yield for blind or incapacitated personYes
Fail to yield right of wayYes
Fail to yield right of way from private roadYes
Fail to yield row at open intersection (specify type)Yes
Fail to yield row leaving (private drive, alley, building)Yes
Fail to yield row on green arrow signalYes
Fail to yield row on green signalYes
Fail to yield row on left at obstructionYes
Fail to yield row to emergency vehicleYes
Fail to yield row to pedestrian at signal intersectionYes
Fail to yield row to pedestrian in crosswalkYes
Fail to yield row to pedestrian in crosswalk--no signalYes
Fail to yield row to pedestrian on sidewalkYes
Fail to yield row to pedestrian turning right or left at intersectionYes
Fail to yield row--changing lanesYes
Fail to yield row--turning left (at intersection, alley, private road or driveway)Yes
Fail to yield row--turning right on red signalYes
Fail to yield to vehicle in intersectionYes
Fail to yield to vehicle leaving highwayYes
Failed to give way when overtakenYes
Failed to signal lane changeYes
Fleeing from police officerYes
Following ambulanceYes
Following fire apparatusYes
Following too closelyYes
Following too closely--caravanYes
Following too closely--truckYes
Head lamps glaring not adjustedYes
Heavy equipment disregarded signal of trainYes
Illegal backingYes
Illegal pass on rightYes
Illegally passed streetcarYes
Impeding trafficYes
Improper passingYes
Improper turnYes
Improper turn or stop hand signalYes
Improper use of auxiliary driving lampsYes
Improper use of auxiliary passing lampsYes
Improper use of lighting--hwy. equip.Yes
Improper use of spot lampsYes
Improper use of turn indicatorYes
Increased speed while being overtakenYes
Interfere with streetcarYes
Intoxication assaultNo
Intoxication assault motor vehicleNo
Intoxication manslaughterNo
Intoxication manslaughter motor vehicleNo
Involuntary manslaughter with motor vehicleYes
Lack of caution on green arrow signalYes
Leaving scene of accidentYes
Made U-turn on curve or hillYes
Negligent collisionYes
No commercial driver license (CDL)No
No double trailer endorsement (CDL)No
No driver licenseNo
No hazmat endorsement (CDL)No
No motorcycle endorsementNo
No passenger vehicle endorsement (CDL)No
No tank vehicle endorsement (CDL)No
No school bus endorsement (CDL)No
Obstructed view through windshieldYes
Obstructing trafficYes
Open Container DRIVERYes
Operate school bus over passenger design capacityYes
Operate school bus with door openYes
Operate vehicle more than one passenger-minorYes
Operate vehicle where prohibitedYes
Operate vehicle with child in open bedYes
Passed streetcar on left without reducing speed or without cautionYes
Passed vehicle stopped for pedestrianYes
Passed--insufficient clearanceYes
Passengers/load obstruct driver's view or controlYes
Passing authorized emergency vehicleYes
Permitted/operated unsafe vehicleYes
Person(s) riding in trailer or semi-trailerYes
Prohibited motor vehicle on controlled-access highwayYes
Racing--drag racing--acceleration contest, etc.Yes
Ran red lightYes
Ran stop signYes
Reckless drivingYes
Restriction violation--CDLYes
Riding boat/watercraft drawn by vehicleYes
Slower vehicle failed to keep to rightYes
Speed under minimumYes
Speeding > 10% above posted speed limitYes
Speeding--15 miles or over (CDL)Yes
Speeding--school zoneYes
Too many riders on motorcycleYes
Turned across dividing sectionYes
Turned left from wrong laneYes
Turned right from wrong laneYes
Turned right too wideYes
Turned so as to impede or interfere with streetcarYes
Turned when unsafeYes
Unauthorized use of siren, bell or whistleYes
Unrestrained child-safety seat violationYes
Unsafe speed (too fast for conditions)Yes
Unsafe startYes
Unsafe start from parked, stopped or standing positionYes
Use of school bus signal for wrong purposeYes
Use/operate/install/purchase/sell radar interference deviceYes
Use wireless device while driving busYes
Use wireless device while driving--minorYes
Use wireless device in school zoneYes
Veh. hauling explosives (or flammable materials) failed to stop at RR crossingYes
Veh. hauling explosives failed to reduce speed at RR crossingYes
Vehicle without required equipment or in unsafe conditionYes
Violate DL restrictionYes
Violate DL restriction on occupational licenseYes
Violate operating hours-minorYes
Violated out of service orderYes
Violated out-of-service order hazmat and/or passengerYes
Wrong side road--not passingYes
Wrong side, 4 or more lane, two-way roadwayYes

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